ANDALUCÍA S.A.S began in 1992 as a flower producer and marketer. One of its main objectives is to export to demanding markets, such as Japan, Holland, England, Canada and the United States, among others.

Our Goals:
  • Improve the quality of products and the environment;
  • Supply the highest quality produce;
  • Provide our customers witch the finest service and efficient delivery.


ANDALUCÍA S.A.S produces and sells flowers, which have the highest quality and consistency, for export. This company is integrated to achieve effective distribution in the markets of Japan, Holland, England, Canada and the United States, among others, and to meet the needs of clients and consumers.

  • Be recognized for its leadership in customer satisfaction through the products and services offered.

  • The company philosophy is inspired by the following values: quality and consistency, client – consumer orientation, teamwork, innovation and interest in and respect for our people.
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in the beautiful land of the savanna, where our flowers grow with the love of our people  

  • Santa Rosa, Facatativa, Cundinamarca.