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“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.”
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Our core values

Business with Integrity

ANDALUCIA’s 400 professionals help clients optimize their business, improve their operations, and reduce risk

Privacy and Safety

Our capabilities and intellectual capital are enhanced by our deep industry expertise and hands-on, collaborative approach.

Long-term thinking

ANDALUCIA’s thought leadership is evident in how we set our agenda to plan for the future, and in our white papers and research reports in the business press.

Quality Services

We work side by side with senior executives to accelerate execution through a blend of analytical and management approaches.

Growth-mindset staff

ANDALUCIA connects business with prominent leaders in the academic community to conduct joint research of cutting-edge issues.

Innovation Solutions

Our professionals see what others don’t, challenge conventional thinking, and consistently deliver innovative solutions.

ANDALUCÍA S.A.S was founded in 1992 as a flower producer and marketer. One of its main objectives is to export to demanding markets, such as Japan, Holland, England, Canada and the United States, among others.

Our clients

We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves in cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

The company philosophy is inspired by the following values: quality and consistency, client – consumer orientation, teamwork, innovation and interest in and respect for our people.


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